The only thing that matters is the Product Market Fit

Build your startup like a successful second-time entrepreneur

The Mighty9 School is a preparatory school

It means that you have to be fully committed and ready to work hard. We'll treat you like high level entrepreneur

Program co-created with the best VCs

VCs have a pre-eminent place to observe the evolution of startups. From their construction to their development. Their success and defeat. Their life and death. Because they analyze every day many different scenarios that they face in the context of their job, they learned patterns and lessons. Their experience and insights are of great value to entrepreneurs.

Basic knowledge

To enter the VC-game you must have a wide understanding of the industry

Easy to use.

We will teach you how to develop the right customer discovery reflex and the correct narrative & brand

Become an insider

We will give you access to the latest knowledge of the industry and insider news

Our main goal is to help you find your PMF

We’ll help you:

Our professors

They know what PMF is and they'll get you ready for the VC game

Romain Vidal

Partner Caphorn Invest

Focus, knowledgeable and challenging. He talks the talk and walks the walk. You're better to get ready.

Mounia Rhka

Seed Club Manager

Challenging VC that care for founders. Straight to the point. She is a VC who think like an entrepreneur.

Nicolas Debock

Managing Director Idinvest

A step ahead in the game. One of the most forward thinking in the industry.

Marc Laurent

Founding Partner Kerala

Mr. 100% seed deals that were convert to series A with top-tier VC. Nobody has done that yet in Europe

Jean-Patrice Anciaux

Directeur investissement F3A

Tech savvy VC. Always looking for outliers. Dedicated to the people he backs.

Selection Criteria

know how to build the product themselves


The first batch will start January 2020

12 months
9 999€ / team
  • 4 bootcamps
  • 4 individual one-day coaching sessions
  • Unlimited access knowledge center
  • Unlimited access to your principal teacher
  • Private channel with experts & professors
  • Rest of the tuition fee after fundraising
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